Telegram reached 500 million active users & announced monetization plans

Messaging app Telegram hits more than 25 million new active users in just 3 days, following resentment to a new privacy policy at competitor WhatsApp. This unexpected surge is seen after WhatsApp faced a widespread backlash following new privacy. Users will have to let the messaging app share some commercial user data to its parent company, 'Facebook.'

Founded in 2013 by Pavel Durov, Telegram approaches 500 million active users. Durov said that he has personally managed the finances so far, but he is exploring ways to monetize the instant messaging service as the startup scales. Now the question is- 'Who will pay to support this Growth?' The company owner further explained that they will not sell the company like WhatsApp and remain independent to maintain its active user's trust and privacy concerns.

Telegram will generate revenue in the upcoming year by its two-fold monetization plan. Under the first plan, the company will soon be launching some new premium features for business or power users. However, all subsisting features will continue to remain free. The Telegram will launch ads in the application's public channels under the second plan.

They will introduce their own ad platforms for the public, "one that is user-friendly, respects the privacy and allows us to cover the costs of server and traffic," he wrote on his Telegram channel.He further noted that "If we monetize large public one-to-many channels via the Ad Platform, the owners of these channels will receive free traffic in proportion to their size." But the company also mentioned that one-on-one chats and private group chats will continue to be ad-free.

Telegram has also added a new voice chat feature on the platform that are persistent conference calls and run parallel to the existing text chat. Durov also mentions in his Telegram post that the company will keep innovating and keep growing independently, directly pointing to Facebook-owned Company' WhatsApp.

05-Feb, 2021