Maximize ROI with Affiliate Marketing on Valentine's Day

"We're exactly a month away from the Cupid season that is commonly known as Valentine's Day. The time which sees the highest revenue spike for the companies, especially the e-commerce websites and helluva of purchase by the consumers. Want to know how much an average person spends to prove that their love is real? Also, how can you maximize ROI with affiliate marketing? Well, read ahead to find out!"

What is the Cost of Love?

Jennifer Lopez's love might not cost anything, but for most Indians, that is not the case. Valentine's Day in India is equally commercial as it is anywhere else, which could perhaps be estimated by looking at the people's inclination to spend on this day.

Seeing the amount of money people have shell out of their pockets to buy expensive gifts, flowers, and fine-dine experience, it makes it better to be single on Valentine's Day, isn't it? Well, we're sure that most of us would agree, but whether we love it or loathe this event, the businesses keep gaining in scale. Despite an economic slump, the online and offline market for buying gifts has been steadily increasing, and they know the potential revenue this day would bring for them.

Considering online deals and the myriad options to choose from with time-efficient doorstep delivery has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world.

With the online army getting stronger in India, there's a lot of that affiliate marketing can capitalize on using the right strategy.

Let's straight dive into the tips on how we can (make) bank on love using the affiliate marketing network, which is extremely beneficial to both brands and affiliate marketers.

Define The Target Audience To Up Your Affiliate Marketing Game

Before we start crafting the campaign, several factors need to be considered, like what product orservice we'd like to market, learning about the target audience's demographics, and many more. The bottom line is, there isn't a one-size-fits-all type of messaging to capture the different target audiences. Rather, the affiliate marketing company must use different messaging funnel differentTG groups, especially men and women, on the e-commerce store. Men and women both have different needs and preferences, and if your brand caters to both, the right strategy and push can get them where you want them to be.

For example, one can set up two different versions of the sale page, one for men and one for women, and have two different URLs. Let's say affiliate A's demographic is 70% females; now we know which link to give to affiliate A and what all products should be pitch in for the female audience

Decide Your Social Media Demographics

To notch up your affiliate marketing game, it is always good to use different social media channels; however, learning about the audience's breakdown on each platform is very important. This tactic will help position your message correctly and help showcase the right product for each group.

According to the demographic statistics research of 2020 by SproutSocial, Facebook slants towards women, with 75% of women and 63% of men using the platform. Talking about Instagram, it has a much wider gap with about 38% women and 26% men. With time this social media channel has garnered a lot of popularity and has become the most popular network globally; however, Instagram leans towards the younger age group, which means you'll be targeting more unmarried couples there than on FB.

Learning about these statistics, you can work around with your affiliates and put out your messages skewing more in the direction which affects your marketing strategy.

Create Gift Guides By Learning What Is Selling Right Now

The case with a season-bound marketing campaign is that the products need to match the event.

Shoppers like gift ideas lists, and in the next few weeks, people will start searching variations of Valentine's day gift ideason search engines leading up to Valentine's Day. So, having your ideas and verticals aligned with the occasion and what it demands is an essential aspect of running an affiliate marketing ad campaign.

It is recommended for advertisers to research to make some extra profit. Even without having access to the actual data, one can always refer to the current trends - all thanks to Google Trends.This will help you understand how people from different countries/regions are looking for the same thing but using different phrases.

Once you're done with that, it's time to craft your gift ideas lists keeping in mind the requirement of your target audience. You can take a cue from the list below:

- 10 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Online

- List of Best Valentine's Day Gift for Him/Her

- Last-minute Valentine's gift ideas

- Forgot to buy a gift? Here are 10 last-minute gift ideas

The list mentioned above is just a few examples to help you build your affiliate marketing strategy.

And lastly, keep an eye on the spike in searches and do a last-minute push to hit the late shoppers.

What Ad Formats Work The Best During The Valentine's Day Season?

The V-Day ad campaign is about making your way to the right consumer and meeting the currentdemand. Depending on which vertical the advertisers want to promote to attract the audience's attention, several ad formats may be suggested.

Domain Redirect Traffic

This format approach works well with the season-bound campaigns as its matching is based mainly on keywords and the users' dynamic searches. The domain redirects traffic drives users tooffer pages via redirects performed by users. Although it is a bit expensive than pop traffic, it works pretty well due to its adequate traffic matching.

Push Traffic

This traffic type allows affiliate marketing companies and advertisers to promote different offers and connect with the users in a highly-engaging way. It can be comparatively cheaper and easily scalable, offering a non-intrusive experience.

Pop traffic

This traffic type is one of the most popular ad formats in the affiliate marketing network. The pop traffic format usually offers big volumes of available traffic. It is a good ad format to start with, as it comes with fewer restrictions, low CPC, and can target iOS devices.

Mobile v/s Desktop targeting

It is one of the most vital factors to decide whether you want to run your campaigns on both setups or want to go ahead with only one. In recent times, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop traffic. But, regardless of that, affiliates need to understand and observe the difference between the traffic coming from mobile and desktop to succeed.

Most people use both mobile and desktop devices. But one element that distinguishes the two is the time of the day which these are used.

Mobile devices are convenient and can be used at any given time, whereas desktops are mostly considered as a business tool and usually used during office hours. Consequently, mobile device usage is more consistent throughout the day and spikes during the evening till midnight.

To better see the results and decide which device is better to run your ads, it's better to distribute your budget between the two and accordingly check the results. Hence, you can better assess the situation and take action accordingly.

Now, with so many insights that we've shared with you, it's time to gear up your affiliate marketing game and get your marketing campaign up and running

05-Feb, 2021